Trisbee begins its expansion in Europe from the Canary Islands

Trisbee opens offices in the Canary Islands

Trisbee is a technology company from the Czech Republic that offers an innovative digital payment method between businesses and their clients.

Founded in Prague in 2017, its business is focused on SMEs, which offer a cash-free digital charging solution, with no commission for businesses whose transactions are below €5,000 per month. For businesses that exceed this monthly amount, Trisbee offers tailor-made conditions.

Trisbee platform is focused on SMEs

Trisbee software platform allows users to pay in associate shops or businesses simply by scanning a QR code. To do this, the QR code must be located in a visible place in the trade, through a link or the APP itself. The company ensures that payments are made immediately, being the money transferred to the business within the next 24 hours.

Trisbee has decided to set up their headquarters in the #CanaryIslands

After an extensive search of a place where locating their European headquarters, Trisbee has decided to open their main offices in the #Canary Islands, from where it plans to start its expansion in Spain.

The Trisbee case study is another successful project that adds up to the emerging technological and digital ecosystem of the #Canary Islands, an ecosystem already enjoyed by other companies such as Software Advisory Services and ATOS, among others.

The tech company Trisbee discovered the wide range of opportunities provided by the #Canary Islands thanks to PROEXCA and Invest in the Canary Islands team assessment. Features such as quality of life, connectivity, the archipelago’s geostrategic location, the capacities of local talent and an ecosystem focused on innovation have been essential in the decision of Trisbee to establish their headquarters in the Spanish Archipelago.

Trisbee seeks digital talent for its team in the #CanaryIslands, where looking for talent with the next job profiles:

-> Java developer:

-> Frontend developer:

-> Kotlin Backend developer:

-> PHP developer:

-> Android developer: 

-> IOS developer:

For further information, please contact Adrián Abelardo, Head of Business Development for Spain, at