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Solid know-how and expertise in key sectors


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Experienced and competitive workforce

The Canary Islands possess a solid know-how in key industries, and have an excellent workforce to assist the needs of the companies settled in the Canary Islands. Companies can expect to rely on qualified personnel and expertise while operating in this privileged location. The population is younger than the national average and has high level of qualifications. The Canary Islands, as being part of the EU, allows personnel mobilization without visa requirements. Low personnel rotation provides higher levels of worker loyalty.

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Benefit from a diverse and multicultural talent

The Canary Islands are consistently ranked as a top destination for digital nomads. The Islands have the best climate on the planet, a year-round average temperature of a balmy 71 ° F (22 ° C) with over 250 days of sunshine and wonderful beaches. By locating business operations in this territory, companies can benefit from international talent and diverse cultural perspectives to inspire creativity and drive innovation.

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Skilled workforce

Highly motivated and multilingual talent
solid know how

Solid know-how

Large experience in key industries
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Low turnover ratet

High levels of loyalty

Talent atracction and retention

Cities around the world are taking active actions to enhance their attractiveness to attract talent and highly skilled professionals. The Canary Islands is consistently ranked as a top destination for digital nomads. The Islands have the best climate on the planet, dazzling beaches, modern infrastructures with excellent air and sea connections and multicultural atmosphere. Companies located in the Canary Islands have all the facilities and infrastructures they need while employees and their families enjoy a wonderful place to live.

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22 ºC / 71 F
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