Unbeatable quality of life

The best place to live and do business


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Top tourism destination for Europeans

Over 13 million Europeans choose the Canary Islands every year as their holiday destination because of the amazing weather. The Islands have the best climate on the planet, a year-round average temperature of a balmy 71 ° F (22 ° C) with over 250 days of sunshine. What´s more, the archipelago has wonderful beaches, an extraordinary hotel infrastructure and services of the highest quality. The Canary Islands are a privileged place to live and to do business, an excellent choice for expats who can set up their hub to service the growing West African market from the Canary Islands or to take advantage of the European market´s full potential.

Canary Islands golf
Canary Islands landscapes
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World-class infrastructures and services

The families and employees of companies that operate from the Canary Islands are very happy. They enjoy a privileged climate, feel very safe and have quality healthcare, education, leisure and culture.


Cosmopolitan Atmosphere

Multicutural, open and equal society
Word class services

World class services

Well-developed healthcare and education systems
great weather

Wonderful climate

71 F / 22º Average yearly temperature
4,800 Daylight hours per year

Natural resources

159 Miles of beaches
4 Biospheres reserves
141 Protected natural areas

Leisure offer

24 Shopping malls
141 Cinemas
20 Water Parks

Culture and sport

Canary islands music Festival, Opera Festival, Theatre Musica and Dance Festival, Top Carnival celebration, Windsurf World Cup

An unbeatable place to live

When a company plans to relocate all or part of its operations to a new market, quality of life is one of the factors that must be taken into account by the decision-maker. The social and cultural atmosphere, basic healthcare, education, transport services as well as the cost of living are jus a few of the items analyzed in detail.

The Canary Islands offer a quality of life that is hard to match. The climate is ranked as the best in the world, the political-economic environment is safe and stable with a solid and competitive business ecosystem, the labor market is characterized by its low turnover rate and high productivity, its society is multicultural and cosmopolitan. In short, it is the ideal place to live and do business. Companies that are located in the Canary Islands have all the facilities and infrastructure they need, and employees and their families also discover a wonderful place to live.

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