Talent demands quality of life

Talent demands quality of life

The way we employ workers has shifted dramatically in recent years. The uncontested leverage big companies have always had is now slowly changing towards a more fluid approach to work. Remote working and distributed companies are just an example. People not only want to enjoy their job, but they also want to enjoy their workplace.

Talent demands quality of life

In order to get ahead of this curve, modern employment requires a proactive approach; instead of convincing future employees to move to where your office is, you should look at where people want to work from and build your office right there. To help with this, we are going to look at the InterNations Expat Insider Report from 2019.

If your company is looking to make the first move, you need to be one step ahead. Understanding where employees want to be based will help you decide where to locate your company in order to be more appealing to all the potential workers out there.

According to the InterNations Expat Insider Report from 2019, Spain ranks among the top five in the Quality of Life Index for the fourth year in a row. Besides, other related indicators like weather (97% of expats enjoy it) or medical care (over half of expats rate it very highly) paint a very positive picture for moving to Spain.

However, we shouldn´t only look at short- term factors that bring expats over. Most companies are interested in the long run, so we are looking for indicators that show Spain as a viable solution for expats that want to grow roots in a particular location. For example, Spain ranks 5 th in the report in the Family Life Index, a clear testament of expats interested in staying in the country for a long period of time. On top of this, nearly 70% of expats are happy with their finances when in Spain, which is another crucial box to tick.

All this information should help you decide that Spain appears to be a wonderful location to base your company. However, we agreed you wanted to be ahead of the curve, always one step ahead of the competition. Then, it´s only natural that if you have made up your mind about the country you should decide the best place in the country.

Here is where the Canary Islands come in to play

The Spanish archipelago not only offers what Spain does, but it also adds a few game changers that should help you finalize your decision process. The #CanaryIslands present the lowest income tax in the EU (4%), the workforce available speaks many languages (over 10% of the population are already expats) and over 12.000 students enter the market every year. In addition, the Canary Islands have the lowest employee rotation in Europe. That´s how you make a decision. As talent demands quality of life, you have to locate your company where workers want to go.

Spain is at the top of the list and within Spain, the Canary Islands offer an interesting edge.