Imagine a working day in the Canary Islands

A working day from the Canary Islands

Workers from all over the world have chosen to work from the natural paradise called the Canary Islands. The Spanish archipelago offers all the resources needed to work, plus the opportunity to have work-life balance and an outstanding quality of life.

Let’s imagine a day working from the Canary Islands

8:00 AM  Breakfast time.

Having breakfast while chatting with your family is something that has no prize. You even have time to organise your parents’ next trip to the Canary Islands!

Connected by air and sea and just two hours and a half from the continental Europe, the Canary Islands are really well-connected with many direct flights from the main European cities at very affordable prices. 8 airports – 6 of them international -, connect the Canary Islands to Europe with more than 1,800 weekly flights and Africa with 48 weekly flights (both under normal circumstances). 

8:30 AM School time.

You can take your children to school as you prefer: by walk, bike, car… simply by taking advantage of the low commuting times – in less than half an hour you can make it to anywhere on the island  – we enjoy in the Canary Islands. Distances are short – without traffic jams- and there are excellent road connections.

Your children can study at an international school (there 39 of them in the islands) while learning three languages and subjects like robotics. Education here is complete and diverse. 

The Canary Islands count on 191 public schools, 5 universities and 176 business schools with agreements with international universities, in addition to a technological network that guarantees digital connectivity.

9:00 AM  Work time.

Distances are short and the cities are easy to move around. You can decide either working from the beach or at one of the wide variety of coworking centers we have on the islands.

Don’t be worried about your Internet connection: The quality and reliability of Internet connection is one of the reasons for the Canary Islands’ success as a perfect destination for digital nomads and teleworkers from all over the world.

The Canary Islands are listed among world’s 10 best places to work remotely by, with the two Canarian provincial capitals Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria featuring in 6th and 7th place. This famous website for digital nomads ranks aspects like the services available (including health services), quality of the Internet connection, places to work from, friendliness to foreigners, cost of living and quality of life, safety, the weather and equality.

12:00 AM Meetings at the office or online meetings… What do you prefer?

There are working spaces all over the Canary Islands. Wherever you go, you will find a community of like-minded people to work with, invent, reinvent, or make your projects grow.

The Canary Islands have built a competitive IT and startup hub by offering a distinct atmosphere of fun, low cost of living, fast fibre connections, and a business innovation mindset that has put them on the map for good. The two main startup ecosystems in the Canary Islands have registered massive jumps in their rankings with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 5th and 6th overall position in Spain.

Not to mention that the Canary Islands benefit from unbeatable fiscal advantages, fully approved by the EU, as the best tax system in Europe with a 4% corporate tax rate instead of the general 25% rate in the rest of Spain, and an incredible VAT rate of only 7%.

In fact, Numbeo places the cities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the top 5%, when comparing living costs with other similar European hubs. Living costs are really low here. In fact, you would need only 2.623€ in the Canary Islands to maintain the same standard of living as with 5.000€ in Dublin – less than 50%!

15:30 PM  Surf time.

The whole islands are a huge open-air gym where there is always something to keep you active. The Canary Islands have 256 km (159 miles) of beaches you can enjoy all the year round, thanks to something known as an eternal spring with warm temperatures around 22ºC/ 71ºF as an average annual temperature.

With 4,800 sunlight hours per year, the Canary Islands are considered the ‘European California’ by their spirit and climate. 146 protected natural areas make the Canary Islands much more than a a prime tourist destination, with a whopping 12 million visitors per year.

17:00 PM  Relax and leisure.

Time to rest at one of the 31 shopping centers, make an outdoor cultural visit or just take a walk in cosmopolitan environments.

Even though the Canary Islands have no cities as big as some European ones, they offer entertainment, leisure and culture activities all year-round. Its medium size and tourist appeal provide a good environment for leisure at nice temperatures.

7:30 PM Back home.

The day comes to an end, and you have had a perfect day combining family and work.

Would you like to make the Canary Islands your home?