Fiscal Incentives

The lowest corporate tax rate in Europe and the highest refundable R&D incentives on the planet


Tax regime totally open and transparent

As one of Europe´s outermost regions, the Canary Islands have an Economic and Tax System, fully approved by the EU, which applies double taxation conventions and fiscal transparency. The Canary Islands tax regime is totally open and complies with OECD and EU competition laws. Companies which set up in this strategic business hub and create jobs can take advantage of a wide range of benefits. The most distinguishing factors within this favourable tax regime is that the Island´s have Europe´s lowest corporate tax rate (4%) as well as the highest incentives on the planet for all types of R&D projects from anywhere around the world.

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One of the most attractive tax regime in the world

There are many reasons to consider the Canary Islands´ tax environment as one of the most competitive for global foreign direct investment.

4 tax rate

The lowest Corporate tax rate in Europe

Just 4% when compared to the European average, which is around 20%.
RD incentives

The highest refundable R&D and audiovisual incentives on the planet'

The ideal location for all type of R&D projects for wide range of business sectors
7 vat rate

The lowest VAT rate in Europa.

At 7% it is Europe´s lowest tax rate

Home to international companies

Competition in the global market means companies must exploit any opportunity for growth. That´s why having a competitive and totally transparent TAX environment is first-rate strategic leverage. The Canary Islands are already home to companies from around the world that are maximizing their opportunities to grow thanks to Europe´s best tax rates. What´s more, the Canary Islands offers the best incentives on the planet for investments in R + D projects

European Tax Rates

Spain (Mainland)
E.U. Average
The Canary Islands

Companies already established in the Canary Islands