European Union legal framework

Maximum guarantee of legal security


Canary islands flag, Spanish flag and EU flag

Fully integrated into the European regulations

The Canary Islands are fully integrated into the EU, therefore, all European laws and regulations are applicable in the Islands. As an outermost region, the Canary Islands has a series of economic and fiscal incentives that are fully approved by the European Commission, The EU legal system has one of the highest standards of international legal certainty, which means higher protection for companies based in the Canary Islands in many aspects, including data protection, free competition and financial regulations.

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Political stability and a transparent political system

The Canary Islands are a safe and easy European region for doing business. As one of Europe’s outermost regions, the Canary Islands have an Economic and Tax System, that has been fully approved by the EU, and which applies double taxation conventions and fiscal transparency.


Euro official and unica currency

Data protection

Data protection

Free competition

Free competition

Anti corruption measures

International anti-corruption measures

Due dilligence

US FCPA Due Dilligence

Itellectual property

Intellectual property rights

Peace of mind for secure and efficient operations

The decision-maker of a company, expanding internationally, and who is seeking new markets to relocate business operations, always takes that potential location´s legal framework into consideration. A company of any size and sector will never move its business somewhere that cannot guarantee legal certainty for people and capital. The Canary Islands have a remarkable reputation as an FDI (Foreing Direct Investment) destination for companies that want to operate in the Mid-Atlantic. On top of the advantages of its extraordinary geographical location, we must add a legal framework that guarantees safe and efficient operations. It is the ideal business hub to work with Europe and Africa.

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