The perfect place for shared services and outsourcing SS&O

The Canary Islands have everything that companies on the hunt for a shared services and outsourcing locations need for their back-office operations. The decision-maker for companies looking for SS&O (Shared Services and Outsourcing) wants to outsource high-volume and low-value operations and tasks, so they need somewhere cost-effective and with the necessary human and technological resources.

The Canary Islands can guarantee competitive costs as they have generous tax breaks fully approved by the European Union. The archipelago enjoys the lowest taxes in Europe, as well as the lowest corporate tax rate (4%) and Vat (7%). What´s more, the workforce is talented and multidisciplinary, used to working in multicultural environments and customer-oriented.

Shared services and outsourcing models let organizations set up in the Canary Islands compete better by turning their day to day operations over to a streamlined, professional and, most importantly, cost-effective operator. Companies that use SS&O in the Canary Islands do so in a cosmopolitan environment with the legal certainty of a European country.

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In the middle of everywhere, one step from Europe and 100 km away from Africa

The connections the Canary Islands have with the rest of the world are decisive for companies that set up their headquarters or SS&O here. There are hundreds of weekly flights direct to all main European and West African countries. The Canary Islands are four hours from London or Paris, and just two hours from Senegal and 90 minutes from Morocco.

The latest telecommunications technology means fast and efficient connectivity. A submarine cable connects the Canary Islands with Africa and Europe and the main international telephone and telecommunications companies connect the Islands with the world.

In an increasingly competitive business globalization, immediate customer service is crucial. Located in the Mid-Atlantic, the Canary Islands are on the same time as London, which makes it easy to provide customer service to different parts of Europe. Companies that decentralize and outsource back office processes and departments such as finance, call-centers or IT have everything they need in the Canary Islands to maximize efficiency and save on operating costs. The costs of renting offices, internet, electricity or the price of fuel are lower in the Canary Islands than in the rest of Western Europe.

Benefits from locating in the Canary Islands

4 tax rate
A transparent tax system with a 4% corporate tax rate, the lowest in Europe
scale economy
Centralizing non-core functions to achieve economies of scale
World-class technical suppliers and highly educated workforce
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Excellent connectivity by air to Europe and West Africa´s main cities
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Lower operational costs compared to the rest of Western Europe
Word class services
Expats and their families can enjoy an excellent quality of life