The highest refundable R&D incentives on the planet

The best place in the world for R&D projects

The Canary Islands are the perfect place to research, explore and test innovative solutions for a wide range of fields, from bioeconomics to digitalization, or astrophysics to oceanography. Their unique climate and environment, as well as excellent infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology means the Islands are ideal for any type of R&D project.

B2B Software & Services

Big data & cloud computing
B2b software & services

Digital health

Digital health
Fintech & insurtech

Augmented and virtual reality

Augmented and virtual reality
Video game design & animation software

The highest refundable R&D incentive on the planet

The Canary Islands have the world´s best tax breaks for R&D, for example in technology innovation activities, which means an annual 45% cost reduction. What´s more, the Canary Islands are the region in Europe with the lowest corporate tax rate (4%). As an EU outermost region, the Canary Islands have an Economic and Tax System (REF) of their own, fully approved by the EU, which applies double taxation conventions and fiscal transparency. Within this tax system, the Islands have generous tax incentives to attract investment and global talent.

The lowest corporate
tax rate in Europe
The highest refundable
incentive in R&D on the planet
The lowest VAT rate
in Europe

Benefits from locating in the Canary Islands

Strategic location, just one step away from Africa
Unique geographical and environmental conditionsr
A real digital ecosystem using the latest technology availablek
Skilled and talented local workforce enriched by digital nomads
Unbeatable quality of life in the best climate of the world
Highest refundable R&D incentive on the planet