The German company Hyve Innovation Community opens an office in the Canary Islands

Parque tecnológico de Fuerteventura

The arrival of HYVE will boost the Canary Islands business environment and help to establish the IT and R&D sector here. At the same time, HYVE is an excellent platform from which to showcase the Islands to the rest of the world, helping to promote the  internationalization of the Canary Island’s economy, by exploiting the company’s presence in European, American and Asian markets.

Set up in 2000 in Germany, HYVE has helped many companies over the years to develop new products, as well as new digital business models. It also has innovation labs which aim to solve specific problems clients may have. That is why it is important to create both digital (wireframes, clickable dummies, frontend dummies) and electrical engineering prototypes.

The company will carry out these same tasks in their new head offices in Gran Canaria, where the company has invested 100,000 euros. It is the company’s fourth office; the remaining three are located in Germany, Austria and Indonesia. 

Business opportunities in the Canary Islands attract Airbus

Babcock España, the Spanish aeronautical company, along with Airbus Defence and Space are looking into setting up in the Canary Islands after having heard about ‘Canarias Geo Innovation Program 2030’, a project that aims to turn the Islands into an R&D hub for the aviation industry. The project was presented at HASP4ESA, an event held by the European Space Agency in Holland.

The Government’s aim is to attract the aeronautical industry’s biggest players to the Islands, where there are fantastic opportunities for the sector. Although they are still in a development phase, the Islands could boost the industry as well as place the Canary Islands as a world leader in HAPS (High Altitude Pseudosatellites) technology.

The Canary Islands Geo Innovation Program 2030 plans to set up an innovation hub in the Technological Park of Fuerteventura. This project has been unveiled to over 200 industry managers in 40 countries.


In June 2018, the Canary Islands Government launched a preliminary assessment on the Canary Islands Geo Innovation Program 2030, to gauge the market and gather innovative proposals and solutions to the challenges the Public Adminstration faces. The aim is to use these cutting-edge ideas put forward to improve the Adminstration’s current services.

50 companies sent in over 120 proposals, and it is worth noting that 10 of those were sent by leading multinationals, and another 5 were put together by important national R&D centers.

The Geo Innovation Program 2030 looks to provide innovative and sustainable solutions by examining air, sea and land with a variety of technology and data sources (optical, radar, thermal, hyperspectral, etc.), from satellite, aircraft, UAV’s (drones) and land sensors among others.
The idea of the program is to detect needs and use cases applicable to public services provided in the Canary Islands. This will focus both on unresolved issues as well as offering new public services or improving the capacity and quality of existing ones, provided there are no standard solutions available, and that can be solved with an innovative use of technology.

The program has an initial budget of 40 million euros although its implementation will depend largely on the quality of the ideas and projects put forward.