El Ranchito and the Canary Islands, a safe bet

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The company’s director, Félix Bergés, points out two main reasons why the company opted for the Canary Islands. Firstly, their favourable tax incentives, via the Economic and Fiscal Regime (REF), approved by the European Union. Secondly, their 4% corporate tax rate offered by the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC). Other reasons include their infrastructures, such as the Teide-HPC supercomputer, submarine cable network, fiber optic or the Datacenter.

El Ranchito will train local workers to join their staff, as the company aims to generate talent and knowledge in this very beneficial environment. 

This company setting up in the Canary Islands is an another step towards creating a vibrant ecosystem that will help to attract more companies in the animation sector to join the dozen already operating in the Islands, from where they coproduce projects which are shown worldwide. An example of this is Amuse, France’s leading digital animation company. They created the subsidiary Birdland in the Canary Islands at the end of last year to produce ‘Molang’, a successful children’s TV show. The Mexican company Anima Kitchent also produces  ‘Cleo y Cuquín’ from the Canary Islands.   

El Ranchito is a Spanish visual effects company for the film, television and advertising industry. Established in 2004, it has taken part in the postproduction of over one hundred spots and a hundred movies and TV shows, many of them for the international market.

El Ranchito, which has over 150 experienced employees, has won eight Goya Awards, Spain’s main national film awards, for their special effects; five VES (Visual Effects Society Awards) for Game of Thrones and The Impossible; three Gaudí prizes and an Emmy and an HPA (Hollywood Professional Association) Award for the best visual effects for Game of Thrones.

They were also part of films such as “Ágora”, by Alejandro Amenábar; “A Monster Calls”, by J. Bayona, “Superlopez”, “Wild Tales” or “Biutiful”.