Marvel will film the largest production in Europe this 2019 in the Canary Islands

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The production The Eternals is an adaptation of Jack Kirby’s 1976 graphic series “The Eternals”. The plot of the story is based on The Eternals, characters created millions of years ago from alien experiments on ancient humans that gained powerful abilities, like super strength, flight or teleportation. They lived in space cities and defended Earth from the Deviants, another race of super-humans that were more destructive and deformed. 

The filming of this great production of Marvel Phase 4 will start in the Canary Islands this autumn 2019 and will take part in different locations of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Tenerife, being released in November 2020. 

This shooting in the Canary Islands will be the largest production that will host Europe in 2019, and the most important ever filmed in the Canary Islands, as have been announced by the President of the Canary Islands’ Government, Ángel Víctor Torres and two representatives of the Marvel, Kevin de la Noy, producer of films like Batman or Gladiator, and Karl McMilan. 

Details of the film have not been revealed. However, it has been admitted that it belongs to one of Marvel’s stories. Undoubtedly, hosting such a shoot is a powerful tourist claim for the industry in the islands. This will be the second film that Disney performs in the last three years in the Archipelago where Han Solo, the second part of the complementary trilogy of the new Star Wars saga, was filmed in 2017. 

The tax incentives for the production of films in the Canary Islands, included in their Economic and Fiscal Regime (REF), as well as a skilled workforce have been key for this decision. This is with any doubt one of the most important features of the islands, together with a wide range of amazing landscapes and a weather that allows filming at any season. 

A territory that hosted 71 shootings of films, series and TV shows in 2018, due to the islands’ excellent weather conditions, variety of landscapes and tax incentives to the audiovisual sector. Among them, they highlighted great international productions, such as Rambo or Wonder woman.