Canary Islands Business Navigator is the perfect ally to locate your business in the Spanish Canary Islands

Canary Islands Business Navigator

Canary Islands hub launches Canary Islands Business Navigator

Canary Islands Business Navigator is an innovative tool developed by GIS Planning and launched by Canary Islands Hub to promote the Canary Islands, attract foreign direct investment and facilitate the setup of international companies in the Spanish archipelago.

Thanks to Canary Islands Business Navigator, you will be able to obtain real-time business data on all the regions of the Canary Islands, providing relevant information to individuals, companies or site selectors who are considering investing or locating their business in this EU region in order to operate efficiently in the Europe-Africa-America economic corridor.

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An innovative which offers an integrated vision in real time of the Spanish archipelago

Canary Islands Business Navigator allows users to view data on various map layers based on the information they want to obtain, and make use of interactive tools, tables, graphs, infographics and reports that can be classified, shared and downloaded.


A new localization service

The tool also gives data to select the best location for your company, the development potential of a particular area and its demographic characteristics, by helping users to expand or start a business in the Canary Islands, make well-trained decisions and find business opportunities quickly and easily, saving time and money in market research.

Developed by GIS Planning, world leader in online economic development solutions, Canary Islands Business Navigator helps you to build a detailed image of the Islands and the opportunities they offer to companies from different sectors, thanks to a new localization service and an integrated vision in real time on all the regions of the Canary Islands.

Get value information for your investment project by visiting the platform Canary Islands Business Navigator.