The Canary Islands are the best kept secret for site selectors

The Canary Islands, the best kept secret for site selectors

The best kept secret for site selectors

The Canary Islands, the new international business hub, are looking for site selectors to DISCOVER our exceptional location, to PROMOTE our unbeatable tax system and advantages for doing business, and to EARN economic incentives for this collaboration by participating in our BUSINESS AMBASSADORS PROGRAM (BAP).

The Canary Islands are a Spanish & European region located in the West Africa Coast that are becoming a new player for doing business internationally, thanks to their strategic location, unique tax system, legal security and quality of life.  International companies such as Kongsberg (Rolls-Royce), ATOS and Lucasfilm have already enjoyed the advantages of doing business in the Canary Islands.

Discovering more about BAP

The BAP is an incentive program, whose mission is to boost the identification and attraction of investment opportunities to the Canary Islands through an external network of partners / site selectors, that are in position to include our region in their portfolio of options for those companies that are in expansion process, or developing new IP or technologies, or need a relocation of its structure/costs.

How the Business Ambassadors Program works

The mechanism of the BAP is very simple. Basically, any professional affiliated to the program that bring to us potential investors, can earn an economic incentive that goes from 1,000€ (by introducing our region in a final list of locations or setting up a meeting with the investor) up to 10,000€ (if the company or project is established in the Canary Islands thanks to your support).

Depending on your level of prescription (Bronze, Silver and Gold), you could get access to these incentives and other privileges.

If you want to discover more about the BAP, about the Canary Islands exceptional location, the advantages/opportunities we offer for doing business, and get involved in our ambassadors program, please watch this video.