5 reasons to select the Canary Islands as your next filming destination

5 reasons to select Canary Islands as your next filming destination

Why the Canary Islands should be your next filming destination

Making a movie is no easy feat. Such a complicated project has many moving pieces, from financing to casting, including producing and editing just to name a few. However, there is an aspect of the whole endeavor that influences many others and can make or break a film: location.

Where to shoot the movie is an incredibly important decision, and the Canary Islands in Spain have 5 reasons that should have you booking tickets right away.

  1. Lowest Corporate Tax in the EU (4%).
  2. 50-45% tax rebate for foreign productions.
  3. 50-45% tax credit for investing in Spanish productions.
  4. 0% VAT.
  5. More than 4,800 sunlight hours per year.

The process of deciding where to go shoot a movie usually ends up generating many different locations. The reason behind it is that you not only need a cost-effective and hassle-free environment, you also want to look for a place that offers a wide variety of landscapes, urban and natural, that can complement and enhance the storytelling.

Filming in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands aren´t optimal just because their financial incentives are off the charts (and believe me they are). These Atlantic gems have beaches, volcanoes and national parks, as well as cities and modern infrastructures by world-renowned architects. As an example, the islands have three entries in the Unesco World Heritage List and four in the International Biosphere Reserve.

As you can see a lot goes on deciding where to go film and finding the right place can help the final outcome from an artistic and business perspective. The appropriate location works wonders with the budget and the production crew, and it´s ultimately responsible for creating the world we all escape to when we are at the movie theatre.

Reasons to shoot in the Canary Islands

All this was just to let you know that The Canary Islands in Spain are more than ready to host your next movie. The Spanish archipelago has the know-how, experience and expertise, having witnessed the likes of Jason Bourne, The Dictator and Fast & Furious 6 roam around in production.

The Canary Islands also offer magnificent weather conditions, with more than 4,800 sunlight hours per year and mild weather all year long. Besides, no one is doing movies without tax incentives these days so, remember: these eight islands present the best financial incentives in the whole of the EU, with the lowest corporate tax (4%), a 50-45% rebate for foreign productions or co-productions, 0% VAT and 50-45% tax credit for investing in Spanish productions and co-productions.