Three ways companies are encouraging their Outsourcing service providers to innovate

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Outsourcing innovations

One of the many rules in today’s business world is that you can’t become complacent. As soon as you start getting the hang of how your industry operates, it either shifts in a different and unexpected direction or directly changes dramatically.

This is currently happening to BPOs all over the world: one day you are minding your own business working on how to reduce your client´s costs, and before you know it, your client demands innovation and digital transformation from you as well.

Outsourcing digital transformation

The fast and unanimous adoption of Cloud Computing, alongside the first steps towards RPA and AI adoption, have led to outsourcing providers having to proof their value as innovative forces, as Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey 2020 confirmed.

Outsourcers are now required to provide competitive advantages in the digital world. Sure, costs still count, but responsibility now extends to the ability to provide disruptive automation solutions.

Cost reduction remains on top

The Canary Islands have a lot to say in this regard, helping with key things for the OSS business manager. The lowest corporate tax (4%) in the EU may very well be the competitive edge that sets you apart in terms of return of investment. In addition, the archipelago proves that reducing costs and promoting innovation can go hand in hand.

While having an OSS in the islands would improve your staff’s quality of life, and that means talent retention, it would also save you money in recruitment and training with a turnover rate significantly below the average of the western world. Have a look at the advantages; they may be the edge you were looking for.