Looking for a place to base your start-up? Consider the Canary Islands

Benefits of locating your startup in the Canary Islands

Why basing your startup in the Canary Islands

Are you looking for the absolute perfect location to base some of the Start-ups your firm is backing? Look no further, the Canary Islands are the place to be.

Where a start-up is based is a lot more important than people may think. Its environment affects employees, cost-structure and its connection to the world, just to give you a few examples.

As a result, your Start-ups should be located somewhere that offers benefits to attract talent, retain it, help relief costs and keep you competitive in the market. You guessed it; the Canary Islands tick all these boxes.

Let´s start with a very important aspect for some of the companies in your portfolio: location and the role it plays in attracting and retaining talent. Most of the workforce nowadays is looking to work in a place that is very attractive once they are out the office.

The Spanish archipelago offers more than 4,800 sunlight hours per year and incredible natural wonders (some of them present in the UNESCO World Heritage List and the Biosphere Reserves by the UN), which makes leaving the office a breeze, because you step into paradise.

In addition, going to the office is also a breeze, because of the short commuting times and the excellent network for transportation. The icing on the cake? The Canary Islands in Spain boast one of the highest quality of life in the EU, something that adds directly to work-life balance, another crucial aspect to attract and retain talent.

What about the benefits to the funders and founders?

The Canary Islands aren´t the right choice just for your workforce, but also for you. Did you know the average corporate tax in Europe is 22%? Well, in the Canary Islands that goes all the way down to 4%, the lowest in the EU. Heavy R&D and Innovation economic incentives are also in place, like deductions of up to 90% of all R&D related activities and even a refunding of this tax credit in cash by the Canary Islands Government.

Besides, the Canary Islands have one of the lowest turnover of staff rates in the EU. If that wasn´t enough, keep in mind that your teams will be doing business in paradise, but still enjoying fully the benefits of being part of Europe, like a reliable economic and legal framework and top-class safety and healthcare.

Now you know, the Canary Islands are definitely one the most interesting places you could possibly take into consideration to pick as the base for some of your Start-ups.

The islands offer innumerable benefits for both the company and the talent that needs to be recruited and retained to lift the venture off the ground. The Canary Islands are ready for you.