Top five things executives look for when selecting an outsourcing destination

What do executives look for when selecting an outsourcing destination
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According to Capgemini’s second annual Executive Outsourcing Survey, these five things are what executives look for when selecting an outsourcing company in a destination that can offer top- notch quality of service. And the list makes sense, for sure.

Let me go through it while assessing if the Canary Islands, an interesting outsourcing location in Europe, can keep up with it.

1.- Operational costs

The Canary Islands have one of the lowest overheads costs for a company that sets up an office there. From very low rents (73% lower than London according to cost of living website Numbeo) to competitive labour, it’s not easy to beat it in that realm.

2.- Technology and infrastructure capabilities

The fibre optics submarine cables that link the archipelago with Europe, America and Africa (D-ALIX) ensures high quality first-class broadband access.

Linked to that big broadband and low latency fibre optic cables is a world- class Data Center to host data and SaaS applications for clients from all over the world and, finally, in the same premises the supercomputer Teide offers raw computing power for computation demanding tasks.

3.- Skilled workers

Almost 40,000 students enrol in the Canary Islands public and private universities every year, plus 12,000 students finish their studies in vocational schools every year. These numbers mean an important supply of talent is injected into the Canary Islands economy also every year.

4.- Language proficiency

With a 11% foreign resident population (220,000 people), it’s native population used to receiving up to 15 million tourists per year and it’s 22 public language schools, it’s easy to find proficient foreign language speakers, even in minority languages.

5.- Economic stability

The Canary Islands are part of Spain, which is the 5th biggest economy of the Eurozone. This mean that full application of the European Union legal framework and policies is in place and the country is one of the most stable and developed economies in the world.