Expat life in the Canary Islands: Sun, Sea and Family

Expat life in the Canary Islands

In a world where it’s usual for high-skilled workers to flee their country to find a career opportunity that match their needs and ambitions, it’s important to take into account what they say when the live the expat life in another country. This is some of the things they say about Spain in general, according to the 2019 Expat Insider Report (see table below):

Infografía CIH

Ranks as the 5th overall preferred countries by expats to work and live abroad, Spain is the absolutely dominant player in the Leisure Options subcategory, snatching the top position for three years in a row.

One Hungarian expat claims ‘I live living by the sea and enjoying the sun nearly every day of the year!’. It’s easy to understand that, since most of Europe doesn’t enjoy the Spanish privileged weather conditions. So if you take it one step further and ask which is the best weather in Spain located in a beautiful sea environment with tons of leisure options, then your maximizing Spain own strengths.

That place is the Canary Islands, which is a top touristic destination in the world with roughly 15 million visitors each year compared to the local population which amounts to 2 million people. About 200,000 people, who mean 10% of the total population of the archipelago, are foreign residents who decide to work and live in the islands, so, their living proof of what finding the right place to live means.