ATOS Consulting Canarias, a success story

ATOS Consulting Canarias

ATOS Consulting Canarias, a success story of outsourcing and shared services in the Canary Islands.

We will let you in on a little secret: Your company doesn´t need to be based in the same place as your clients. If you don´t believe us you can ask ATOS, a European multinational information technology service and consulting company headquartered in Bezons, France, and with offices worldwide.

Two of those offices are in the Canary Islands, a work-life balance and weather paradise, from where ATOS serves customers like Disney, Transport for London, or Siemens.

Nowadays, many industries can afford to serve their clients remotely.

This allows for unique opportunities to find the perfect location to base your company. When your client´s needs can be met from anywhere in the world, you can focus on how your location will affect the lives of your employees and your fiscal structure.

The Canary Islands allow ATOS to focus on the well-being of their employees, basing them in a location with fantastic weather, short commutes, and excellent connections with Europe and the world, while still having the power infrastructure and technological prowess to serve multinational clients the size of Disney or Siemens.

In addition, the Spanish archipelago offers tremendous fiscal advantages (with the lowest corporate tax in Europe) and a unique population to feed any workforce (with over 200,000 foreign residents who speak different languages).

It is no surprise then that ATOS has come to stay, 80% of their staff already lived in the Canary Islands. Now you know, your company could be based here too, enjoying the same benefits and generating the same economic growth. Your move.

Watch the video about the ATOS case study here 👉