Why advise your clients to open a tech office in the Canary Islands

Why advise your clients to open a tech office in the Canary Islands

Are you a consulting company? Do you want to be blown away by site location advice? Then keep reading my friend.

As Morpheus would say, what if I told you there is a place where software, general tech and business support activities companies can thrive financially while still meeting their employee’s needs? It sounds heavenly, and it is!

From financial advantages and a qualified workforce, to unrivalled weather and short commuting times the Canary Islands boast an all-encompassing site location offer that is hard to resist.

Did we get your attention? We thought so. We bet you are now eager to read the details of why you should advise your clients to move to the Canaries.

Well, let´s get to it, shall we?

According to a report by Regus from 2017 (A picture of flexible working) 27% of workers regard their commute as a waste of time. Great news then. The Canary Islands are easy to get around and their transportation network is excellent, resulting in short commuting times pretty much everywhere in them.

The Site Selection survey of corporate real estate executives (2018) tells us that transportation infrastructure is the second most important factor when choosing a new site location. Needless to say, the Spanish archipelago ranks very high in this regard. These eight islands offer 8 national and 6 international airports serving over 35 million travellers every year (under normal circumstances).

The InterNations Expat Insider Report (2020) reveals that Spain, where the Canary Islands are located, ranks second out of 64 in the Quality of Life index and fifth out of 36 in the Family Life index. As you can see, all very compelling arguments if you are looking to open a new software office, a business support company or any tech endeavour in general.

Let us tell you something we find interesting: the Deloitte Global Millennial Survey of 2020 clarifies that millennials and Gen Zs value experiences. The Canary Islands are full of them, an absolute paradise where one can travel, work, be involved in the community or simply just relax.

Companies need to know that talent is not only gathered with money, you need to be at the right place. You need to move to where employees are going to be (or want to go) so you have a convincing argument to hire them.

If this isn´t enough to convince you, let´s talk numbers.

A report by PwC (Investing in Spain – January 2019) defines the Canary Islands as ‘one of the best and safest investment destinations in the world’, and all you can do is agree.

The lowest Corporate Income Tax (4%) in the EU, insane R&D incentives (up to 90% of cost savings), a VAT of only 6.5%, a special free-trade zone… The list goes on and on, because the truth is that the Canary Islands are synonym with financial advantages, security and savviness.

But wait, there is more. Once you have moved your company to the Canaries (you know, to enjoy short commutes to work under the pleasant sun), you will find that hiring talent is also incredibly easy. The six universities present in the islands flood the market every year with 2.000 IT & Communications students. In addition, a staggering 180 vocational schools generate over 12.000 students. In fact, it´s not only easy but now it´s also the right time.

A report by the ESIC (Summary Assessment of the Canary Islands) states that there is plenty of highly qualified potential employees currently in jobs they are overqualified for. All this untapped talent is waiting to be provided with an offer up to their standard. Besides, with over 10% of foreign population finding bilingual workers in any European language (even minority ones) is a bliss.

Oh, we almost forgot, you can also find here the lowest employee rotation in Spain. Crazy, right?

Remember, workers all around the world are moving to places that offer what they demand, and your company should too. The Canary Islands offer software companies, business support companies or tech companies in general, one of the best fiscal regimes in the world, second to none weather and quality of life and a qualified and polyglot workforce.