New hit Amazon Prime series Visual Effects and the Canary Islands

New hit Amazon Prime series Visual Effects and the Canary Islands

El Ranchito and Game of Thrones

I believe it´s fair to say that everyone knows about Game of Thrones. However, I bet very few people know there is a Spanish company behind its incredible visual effects.

El Ranchito started in 2004 and has since collaborated in more than one hundred films and television series, from The Impossible to Jurassic World, including, of course, Game of Thrones.

Their latest project is Hernan, a Prime Video series (the most expensive TV Show in Spanish ever) focused on the life and character of Hernán Cortés, who in the 16 th century conquered the Aztecs for the Spanish Empire. As you can see, El Ranchito has been working hard and, as a result, international success has ensued.

From its Tenerife office, El Ranchito is building a long-term project around visual effects that includes Amazon Prime productions

In order to keep growing and expanding, the visual effects company has decided to open operations in a new location: The Canary Islands. El Ranchito has opened an office in Tenerife (they already have one in Madrid and Barcelona) and the idea is to build a long-term project around visual effects that combines research and training.

In a recent interview with Félix Bergés, founder of the company, we could see their intentions were very clear: ‘the type of professional demanded in the sector is not found in universities. We are looking for developers, illustrators and production crew that want to join us’.

El Ranchito is not only looking to employ local people, they are also reaching out to Spanish talent living abroad (Canada, USA, New Zealand or Australia). How are they planning on convincing expats to return? Well, Félix seems to have a plan: ‘We understand we can´t compete against the salaries paid in those countries. However, the weather and quality of life will be a determining factor’.

That´s right, the Canary Islands offer fantastic sunny weather all year long and quality of life is second to none there, so no wonder they welcome 15+ million tourists every year. The archipelago has also proven to be very attractive for outsiders (over 10% of the population are expats).

Talent look for quality of life

Besides, these aren´t the only advantages according to El Ranchito´s founder: ‘Countries like USA will only negotiate if they can work in areas with fiscal benefits’. Here the Spanish archipelago has a lot to say, mainly because it offers the lowest income tax in Europe, at a whopping 4% besides one of the most aggressive incentive packages in the world to support audiovisual productions. The industry is of strategic importance for the regional government and it’s all in backing it.

There you have it, if El Ranchito has decided to bet strongly in favor of an office in the Canary Islands you should at least consider it too. Incredible weather, a qualified workforce and a very magnanimous fiscal regime are all you need to focus on your path to success.