Google will use the data centre in the ITER to boost its connections in Africa

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This agreement will help to make the Islands more attractive for tech companies looking for the right location for their international expansion strategy, just that Google is doing to improve its network in Africa.

Connecting to this new submarine cable will also  strengthen the security  the Islands offer the different operators who want to do business in the African continent. As well as increasing the Islands communication channels with African countries providing more services at a more competitive price.

There’s no doubt that this agreement will help both Google improve its network in Africa and the Canary Islands to boost the services offered to companies that set up here, as their data speed will increase vastly. The islands will have two of the eight fibers included in Google’s cable. This great opportunity that will speed up the Canary Islands connections and its network with Africa, only 90 km away. Another opportunity to grow out of this agreement is that Google, arguably the world’s most innovative company, would be physically present in the Canary Islands and develop its products and services here. Google is interested in using the D-Alix data center, which is in the Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies (ITER), on Tenerife, and which was set up to turn the Islands into a leading tech hub. These connections will make the islands more attractive companies that wish to increase connectivity and lower their operational costs, at the same time as improving the services the Canary Islands already offered in Africa.