Canary Islands renews and increases the benefits of the successful Business Ambassador Program (BAP)

As one of the 65 initiatives included in the Operational Strategy for the Internationalization of the Canary Islands Economy, the Canary Islands Hub launched the ‘Business Ambassadors Program‘ in 2019 which the main objective is to boost the attraction the foreign investment opportunities to the Canary Islands.

Business Ambassador Program: Tips for a successful FDI incentive program

The program continues its benefits to new ambassadors in 2020 thanks to the successful reception and results of the last year. In 2019, a total of 19 national and international ambassadors participated in the program bringing 34 investment initiatives to the islands that resulted in 17 qualified leads as well as the creation of 6 new companies in the Canary Islands. Both, leads and investments attracted by the ambassadors were incentivized by the program.

This success is mainly due to the attractive value proposal the Canary Islands offer to those companies looking for new destinations to expand, relocate, or delocalize their business. All of this because they want to expand to new markets, or they must face current challenges as the ones caused by the Brexit.

Did you know that the lowest corporate tax rate in Europe can be found in the Canary Islands? For any company wishing to set up in business, having a 4% tax rate is really motivating. If you also add that the Canary Islands are a European town located in West Africa, who have first-class air and sea communications, a highly qualified workforce, represents a bridge (hub) between Africa, America, and Europe for business and all this is guaranteed by the legal framework of the European Union, makes the Canary Islands a safe bet to promote worldwide.

Recommending the Canary Island Hub as a foreign investment opportunity for companies to earn, is a guaranteed income for the developer.

How the program works

Are you a business-related professional in your country? Do you know any CEO who wants to expand and open new markets? Are you willing to show them the benefits of investing in the Canary Islands? If so, you have an outstanding potential to receive money from your management.

Program is simple: when CEOs visit the Canary Islands in person or virtually to learn first-hand about the benefits of setting up a business, the ambassador who has initially contacted the company will receive an award. When the company is established, makes the investment, and creates employment, the incentive for the ambassador can reach a total of 10,000 euros depending on the volume of employment and investment made in the Canary Islands.

Organized according to three levels of prescription, the incentives for generated qualified leads are based on the origin of the investment, the size of the project, and the capacity to create employment.

Professionals who are interested in becoming ‘ambassadors’ of the Canary Islands Hub brand must visit the Business Ambassador Program site, check the conditions document and apply to program by sending the required documentation to the following e-mail address: