Canarias is solidifying its position as a leader in Smart Islands technology.

smart destinations

At the 2024 International Smart Destinations Fair (FIDI) in Curitiba, Brazil, the Smart Island Fuerteventura project was presented as a shining example of intelligent territory management.

The event attracted hundreds of tech experts, industry leaders, and officials from around the globe, all focused on promoting the development of smart tourism destinations.

Representing the Canary Islands, MNX Online showcased the region’s advanced approach to technology and sustainability, highlighting its pioneering use of FIWARE technology. Among the initiatives highlighted was the Smart Island Fuerteventura project, illustrating how technology can address the challenges faced by tourist destinations.

During the presentation, Mannix Manglani, CEO of MNX Online, shared insights from the TOURiLab-SDG experiment, demonstrating how cutting-edge technology can drive real progress towards environmental sustainability in tourism.

MNX Online, based in the Fuerteventura Technological Park, has over a decade of experience on the island. Their initiative, TOURiLab FIWARE iHUB, serves as a hub for technology and innovation, providing a platform for public and private entities to explore and engage with smart technology solutions.