Lasting Dynamics

1st Italian Software house operating from the Canary Islands

Lasting Dynamics is a custom software development company that provides solutions around the globe. Could you explain to us more about the services you offer and how you manage each tailored project?

Lasting Dynamics was founded and raised in Italy with the same values spread worldwide by the big Italian luxury brands. In Lasting Dynamics, the software development process is "made in Italy", and products and services are delivered with the finest quality-oriented processes by an ambitious and strongly motivated group of high-end engineers, product designers, quality assurance experts that self-analyze their practices with continuous processes evaluations, retrospective, and research and development agile practices

We have more than 10 years of experience and work with companies from a wide range of industries in 30+ countries. Our focus has always been on high-quality service, going the extra mile, and long-lasting relationships, which is why our very first customers are still with us today


CEO of Lasting Dynamics

To be honest, I really view the Canary Islands as a hidden gem that is not so much talked about, there is limitless potential with its top tier and welcoming climate and their entrepreneurs-friendly business culture, plus, the good quality of services gives people a brilliant work-life balance - something we have seen shine through our own team.”

Michele Cimmino 
Lasting Dynamics CEO

Our services include:

Agile team on demand / turnkey solution - This refers to the allocation of a consolidated agile team aggregated from the best team members we have in Lasting Dynamics, professionals with experienced accrued on SaaS platform development, custom software, mobile apps and other digital products that currently arrive to have up to 50K+ users in the production environment per product. These kind of teams have really no boundaries, they can work on inherited codebase as well bringing QA into the process by re-engineering it to make it succeed. This package might include Front-End, Back-End, DevOps, UIUX Design, Project Management and Quality Assurance.

Team augmentation - providing dedicated agile teams (engineers, designers, product managers, and growth hackers) as a service to bring full-rounded expertise to projects.

Quality assurance as a service - analyzing project codebase, refactoring the code, and avoiding human errors with automated tests, unit, integration and e2e. This formula also allows the tech team to experiment a new development process, more quality oriented, less stressful where simplicity and efficiency converge into an exquisite agile environment.

Academy - In our Academy we attract software engineers globally with different profiles from fresh university graduates to senior level who are looking to upgrade their knowledge and make a career change. Additionally to sourcing, contacting and screening, we invest in training and prepping the candidates using a program (90 days) that we have designed, tested and tweaked during years while hiring our in-house talent to give them a fast track to produce value from the point of hiring. Our talent pool includes professionals who are ready to be hired full-time and open to relocation if needed. The process is transparent, risk-free, includes a 12-month happiness warranty and on-demand pre-training based on company tech-stack and needs.

Your company has been awarded as number 1 software house in Italy, and in top 50 in Europe, could you explain what makes you stand out from the competitors?

Everything started from the idea that the software development market deserved a quality-oriented, highly structured, and educated consultancy reality that could stand against the opposite cheap business model provided by the majority of the software houses and agencies on the market between 1990 and 2010, when everything started. A reality that could convert an entrepreneurial idea into software following the best agile practices and putting into the equation fundamental components such as critical thinking, product ownership mindset, time-management optimizations and automation, innovative and lasting technology to grant a luxury result - eventually enjoying the ride together with the partner learning more and more down the road on how to design and develop perfect digital products that could stand on the market exposing their different level of quality: refined user experience, no bugs, no regressions, reactive and continuative customer support, simplicity in communication, extremely user-friendly functionality and transparency at every level.

LD is  award-winning trademark of Italian quality, that selects only a few new collaborations per year with long-term goals, ambitious visions, and  to change and improve their industry because if you want to go far you have to go together - as a new generation of Italian heritage, we take sustainability and taking care of others extremely seriously.

Following this mindset, Lasting Dynamics holds today a powerful set of services and products on the market that represent a luxury showcase for anyone wanting to start long-term collaborations.

The company is still young, but the impressive organic growth achieved in the past 10 years gives a good indication regards the future, aiming to become one of the top 20 leading luxury Italian brands in the world.

During the first Covid-19 lockdown your team developed a product called Vetrina Live, to help companies bring their businesses online, since then you have grown a lot and also expanded to Spain and Norway - what are the plans for VetrinaLive in 2022?

Yes, correct, Vetrina Live idea was born during the first Covid-19 lockdown. We wanted to launch a product to help companies who were struggling to provide to their families to continue to sell their products online. And so we did, offering Vetrina Live for free to all Italian shops for the entire emergency period. After the lockdown, our Mission hasn’t changed: we continue to develop the easiest eCommerce platform on the market and to make the “bring your activity online” process as natural as possible for everyone.

In 2022 we are expanding to Spain, Norway & Finland. Additionally we are connecting blockchain with eCommerce later this year as VetrinaVerse. It’s a collection of 10,000 uniquely and randomly auto-generated stores that allow you to join new frontiers in self-expression, digital culture and decentralized commerce.

Join fashion shows and product drops with an innovative environment and Vetrinaverse-first experience. Our approach is different, and will not make people pay monthly or yearly free for their shop and additionally we will give them access to passive income. The more products you sell per month or day, the more coins you will generate. Our Northstar is to push the technology boundary of decentralized blockchain and NFT by building a bridge between virtual and real world eCommerce realities.

Why have you decided to locate your company in the Canary Islands? Are there general or specific incentives for the setup of software development companies in the Canary Islands?

While thinking about expanding our company I was considering locations such as Estonia, UK and the Canary Islands, at the end the decision came not only by the business environment but the quality of life that would attract the brilliant minds to join us on our journey.  Definitely, the Canary Islands enjoy also the best tax climate in Europe (lowest corporate tax rate (4%) and VAT/IGIC 7% - in Europe), full connectivity to access to global markets, but it also has a quality of life score in the top five percent worldwide and the climate is ranked as the best in the world, which helped us to convince part our team to relocate and has attracted exceptional talent globally. As an entrepreneur I understood in years that everything comes from the happiness and strong will of succeed - everything else becomes secondary - so I keep trying to build environments where people can enjoy life, enter work-place with pleasure, where processes decrease human effort to 50% and where we do not need to compensate wrong decisions and wrong structures with extra-work. We are quite maniac on processes and our customers start to understand the difference, but it’s not just an engineering duty, it’s also about creating sustainable and healthy working practices and spaces that brings out collaboration, to push on boundaries and reach what others think is impossible. On a side note I have to say this is quite a mission for me personally, I want to change this industry for better, more quality and people-oriented.


What steps have you followed in your process of implantation in the Canary Islands? Have you had any kind of support?

Gran Canaria has been very welcoming to us, and we have found a group of like-minded business people from different industries like legal, workforce, financial advisors, and more. In the beginning, it is not easy to get the full picture of the local business culture, financial aspects, and laws, and having the right advisors can make all the changes in helping you to get set up, integrate your team here, and grow step-by-step. I interviewed 35 tax advisors and 20 labour consultants before finding right people to work with and I thought this a necessary step to avoid to pay the price of advisory and fiscal consultancy changes down the road, that as usual, are quite painful. We have made it our goal to take care of all relocation-related procedures from paperwork to lovely apartments in the Las Canteras area for our team, so they would feel at home here from the start and it seems like so far we have succeeded.

What other opportunities do you see for foreign companies to invest in the Canary Islands? In which sectors?

To be honest, I really view the Canary Islands as a hidden gem that is not so much talked about, there is limitless potential with the top tier climate to very welcoming and entrepreneurs-friendly business culture, very good quality of services furthermore giving people brilliant work-life balance - something we have seen shine through our own team. I do really commit to try to make Gran Canaria a new and better silicon valley. We are already planning to start constructing buildings here to turn into offices for world-wide digital entrepreneurs. The island has a broad spectrum of locations where companies can set up their base, invest into real estate and local innovation hubs. Sectors like technology, innovation, and research can benefit from the Gran Canaria Technology Park which offers different possibilities for new expanding companies that develop innovative technology processes. R&D resources are mostly linked to the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: it has 155 research groups and more than 1,000 researchers, spread among 11 research institutes. And of course, we can not set aside the vibrant tourism and entertainment sector, which invites around 350,000 people to the island per month. The island is full of extraordinary talent that makes easier to build connection and find candidates for local positions.

Is Lasting Dynamics currently hiring in Canary Islands or remotely? Which specialists should reach out to you to collaborate?

We are always on the lookout for brilliant talent in software development, growth, and innovation. At the same time, we are looking to partner up with local organizations to grow and expand together and support the growth of local business sectors. So at the end of the day, everyone who shares the same values is more than welcome to reach out and grow their ideas with us.