ASTICAN – Canary Islands ports

World-class infrastructure and services that world-class companies deserve

Their location, efficiency and tax breaks, along with a European legal framework and highly qualified workforce are just some of the attributes that have made the Canary Islands a strategic hub for the maritime industry. A region with the lowest corporate tax rate in Europe (4% vs. 20% European average)

With world class ports, less than 90 miles from West Africa, and connections to all the world’s biggest ports, the Islands have become the perfect strategic location between Europe, Africa and America for companies looking to grow.

Many world-class companies have already set up here and are taking full advantage of the facilities and advantages offered by Canary Islands´ ports, all backed by Astican services, quality assurance and know-how.

Germán Suárez Calvo Astican CEO

The Canary Islands naval repair sector is marked flexible and has unique infrastructure to serve offshore units”

Germán Suárez Calvo
Astican CEO