Excellent air and maritime connectivity and latest technological telecommunications

The Canary Islands possess a solid know-how in key sectors, and have an excellent workforce to assist the needs of the companies settled in the Canaries for operating in neighboring countries.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Canary Islands is mainly due to the significant presence of foreign communities who reside permanently in the islands, attracted by their business opportunities, benign climate, rich landscapes and quality of life.


As regards physical security, the homicide ratio is 0.37% per 100,000 people, and the freedom of expression, the gender equality and other ratios also contribute to the appeal of life in the islands. In addition, the presence of the main banking institutions and world consulting companies and the access to the Single European Market, with the euro as the of cial currency, makes life easy and agreeable in this territory, which is more than just a holiday destination.

As regards companies, it is worth mentioning that the EU-Blue Card is applicable in the Canary Islands. This is a special modality of residence and work permit that allows the holder to access the EU work market. Alien citizens who have been holders of an EU-Blue Card for more than eighteen months and are going to be hired by a Spanish company may travel to Spain without need of a prior visa.

Air Connectivity


Airports (6 international)


Million pax


Weekly flights to Africa

Maritime Connectivity


Million pax/year


Commercial ports


M MT Freight traffic

Operating in Africa from the vicinity of the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is the ideal location for establishing the headquarters of companies that operate in Africa. Employees and their families enjoy the best climate in the world, with the highest European standards in health services and quality of life.

Just one step away from Africa

  • Geo-strategic enclave in the tricontinental route
  • 46 weekly flights connections with Africa
  • Maritime connections to all African ports

European Framework

  • Legal security
  • Political stability
  • Quality services
  • World-class infrastructures


  • Economic advantages for import, export and inward processing of goods

Strategic base for humanitarian aid

For its vicinity and connectivity, the Canary Islands have become a logistics base for Red Cross, United Nations World Food Programme and USAID operations with Africa.

  • Red Cross Humanitarian Logistics Centre in The Canary Islands

    6,780 m2 330.972 Kg Aid managed from the Canary Islands, 2009-2015. Capacity of the aid platform: 2,500 People in 48h.
  • UN World Food Programme Logistics Centre

    One of the 5 logistics centers of this organization is located at the Canary Islands

    9.400 m2 storage area for the Food for Peace Programme

Thanks to their geo-strategic location between Africa, Europe and America, the Canary Islands are a strategic logistics platform that can be used to provide emergency response. key factors offered by the region are:

  • International airports and the possibility of using other non-civil airport facilities.
  • Direct maritime connections with the main ports of West and Central Africa.
  • The best taxation in the EU.
  • Close commercial, cultural and cooperation links with African countries.
  • Extensive network of logistics operators, forwarding agents and service agents.
  • These features have been determinant for the election of the Canary Islands as their base for international logistics operations by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent.
  • Societies, the United Nations World Food Programme and, more recently, USAID.


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