ICT companies in the Canary Islands can expect rapid grow while expanding to African markets

One step away from Africa, the Canary Islands provides companies with easy access to its neighboring countries.

The Canary Islands, a growing business hub in Africa, is quickly becoming the center for ITC multinational firms looking to penetrate the much sought-after West African market.

    Submarine fiber-optic cable connections
  • D-ALIX Project, a bridge linking Africa with Europe and America
  • 50 satellites provide communication services in the Canary Islands
  • The main telecommunication companies operate in the Canary Islands
International connectivity

Develop business in Africa is guaranteed thanks to the possibility of connecting through D-ALiX to any of the international submarine cables ACE, WACS, MST, SAT-3, Atlantis-2 or SAT-2, which travel along the Western African coast. ACE (Africa Coast to Europe) is formed by a consortium of 25 carriers (primarily France Telecom) to develop a 17,000km cable stretching from France to South Africa, connecting it its way Portugal, several countries of the Western African coast and reaching Cape Town.

The neutral datacenter D-ALiX (neutral access point of Western Africa and Canary Islands S.A.) is situated in the island of Tenerife. D-ALiX consists in a high-availability infrastructure aimed at IT colocation services, allowing companies to develop their business model without the need of large investments and taking advantage of the economies of scale conveyed by the infrastructure promoter.

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