Operating in Africa from the vicinity of the Canary Islands

Just one step away from Africa, the Canary Islands offer the best climate in the world, with all the infrastructures and the luxury of a cosmopolitan modern and lively atmosphere.

The Islands are 60 miles away from the West African coast and about 745 miles away from mainland Spain. With temperatures ranging between 62F and 75F all year round, they are a favorite tourist destination of EU citizens (more than 13 million tourists per year) and have come to be regarded as the “European California”.

24ºC | 75F

Summer maximum

22ºC | 71F

Annual average

16ºC | 62F

Winter minimum

The Canary Islands are the "European California"

Natural light hours per year


Protected natural areas


Biosphere reserves

159 miles

of beaches

Full services with modern infrastructures
  • All the infrastructures of a 21st century region
  • First-class European Health and Education
  • Cosmopolitan, modern and lively atmosphere
  • Wide and varied cultural and leisure offer


28 Hospitals, 9 Public and 19 Private


2 Public and 3 Private

Private Schools




Golf courses




Shopping centers


National parks

Inhabitants enjoy an excellent quality of life in a pleasurable environment where business climate combines to perfection with the best leisure offers.

Canary Islands is a paradise for extreme sports. The geographical relief shaped by the volcanic action are always a challenge for risk lovers. Canary Islands offer the best weather and natural atmosphere to enjoy trekking, running, mountain biking... whatever your discipline or level, the Canary Islands have the right place and the right weather to enjoy.

Amateur and professional windsurfers, kite surfers and sailing enthusiasts from the five continents come to the islands, where they can train and practice their favorite sports 365 days a year, so it is hardly surprising that the Canary Islands have 7 Olympic gold medals in their record or that they are the venue of world championships such as the 6*Prime Championship of the WQS circuit or the TP52 World Championship.

  • Culture and Sports in The Canary Islands
  • The canary Islands Music Festival
  • Opera Festival
  • Theatre, Music and Dance Festival
  • Venue of the Windsurf World Cup
  • Point of Departure of The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC)
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