Maximum Guarantee of Legal Security

Integrated in the European Union legal system, the Canary Islands offer total guarantee in the matter of security and protection to individuals and companies.

  • Full application of the EU legal system:
  • Data protection
  • Free competition
  • Financial regulations
  • We are familiar with all the international anti-corruption measures:
  • US FCPA Due Dilligence
The Canary Islands are integrated within the international fiscal transparency regulations

The Canary Islands have extremely transparent fiscal regulations, fully approved by the European Union and Double Treaty Agreements signed by Spain.

Several actions have been adopted to combat tax avoidance and offshore tax evasion by the OECD and the G20 governments.

These transparent fiscal regulations, administered by the Economic and Fiscal Regimen of the Canary Islands (REF), benefit companies through legal process cost reductions.

European Security Framework

The EU legal system has one of the highest standards of international legal security, which results in higher protection for companies based in the Canary Islands in many aspects, including data protection, free competition and financial regulations.


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