International connection point

Integrated in the main international trade routes, the Canary Islands constitute an excellent commercial and logistic gateway between Africa, America and Europe.

Excellent air and maritime connectivity and latest-technology telecommunications

Weekly flights to the main European and African cities, maritime connections to all the main international ports and latest-technology telecommunications ensure a global connectivity from the Canary Islands.


Air Connectivity

Their eight airports, six of which are international airports, receive more than 40 million passengers per year. The excellent air connectivity allows maintaining more than 596 direct flights per week with the United Kingdom and around 411 with Germany, just to quote an example. On the other hand, there are 48 flights per week to African destinations, including the main airports of Morocco, Senegal, Mauritania, Cape Verde and The Gambia

Maritime Connectivity

The Canary Islands have a wide network of commercial ports, fishing ports and marinas, some of which rank among the Spanish leading ports in passenger and freight traffic. The Archipelago is a crossroads in the routes between Europe, America and Africa. In addition Canary Islands ports are a strategic supply, bunkering, oilrigs and ship maintenance repair station in the Atlantic Ocean.

26 Commercial Ports
Freight traffic

36.3M MT




Latest telecommunication network are available thanks to the submarine fibre-optic cable connections and the 50 satellites that provide communications services in the Archipelago. Several international telecommunication service providers also operate in the islands with a high level of deregulation and the most advanced technologies. Special mention requires the D-ALIX project, a neutral data exchange point linked to Africa. The implementation of this world-class data center provides a neutral point for the aggregation and distribution of tri-continental data traffic.

  • Telecommunications
  • Submarine fiber-optic cableconnections
  • D-ALIX Project,a bridge linking Africa with Europe and America
  • 50 satellitesprovide communication services in the Canary Islands
  • The main telecommunication companies operate in the Canary Islands
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