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The new Pocoyo season to be produced in the Canary Islands

The new Pocoyo season to be produced in the Canary Islands

The production companies Zinkia, creator of Pocoyó, and its Canarian partner, Koyi. This local company was set up this year thanks to the Canary Islands Special Zone incentives and will produce 26 episodes of Pocoyo, released fourteen years ago on ABC Australia.


Pocoyo, that focuses on values like respect, tolerance, friendship or curiosity, is currently one of the most successful children's show on digital platforms like YouTube, Netflix, HBO or Amazon.


Similarly, this Spanish animation series stars in 50 mobile apps that has been downloaded 52 million times and has licensed the production of millions of toys, books or textiles.


The brand is growing with new projects like, for example, a new mobile educational app, where they are partnering with a prestigious British university that will help develop its content.


This Spanish children's entertainment series, which will be broadcast on fourteen Chinese television channels later this year as well as on 13 digital platforms, was conceived to "give back to children everything they have given us", according to their creators.


The two producers will use local creatives and tech specialists for this new season of this successful saga, and is confident that the Islands generous tax breaks for the film industry will attract more and more large productions and talent.