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B&S General Cargo, world class logistics in the Canary Islands´ ports.

B&S General Cargo, world class logistics in the Canary Islands´ ports.

The joint path chosen by the companies Boluda and Suárez to become B&S General Cargo will undoubtedly allow them to build on their strengths, and grow and compete in a global environment. The premise of this new logistics giant is simple, to be an example for other companies, a benchmark in the maritime-marine sector.


Thanks to the two giants backing B&S, they will have a powerful commercial impact in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus, Latin America, the Caribbean, the west coast of Africa, the Indian Ocean, Korea and China, as well as Spain. Boluda is the world´s leading towage company, present in almost a hundred ports, as well as an important fuel supplier. For its part, Suarez owns La Luz Market docks and is part owner, with Greek investors, of Astican and the Lavina Group.


The new company was founded in the Canary Islands and its headquarters are in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, but it will reach beyond this region. The company will transport all types of cargo in mainland Spain and Africa too, where they have been present for almost 20 years. The objective is for B&S to handle the entire service chain, making the port of Las Palmas a unique and different logistic hub.


B&S General Cargo has 400,000 square meters of port land in the Canary Islands, spread throughout the islands of Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma and Fuerteventura, which can ship general merchandise, containers and special projects, such as offshore and wind farm equipment expected to arrive in the Canary Islands over the coming years, and the large telescope project of La Palma (TMT); although its location has not yet been completely defined.