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Just consolidates its commitment to the Canary Islands

Just consolidates its commitment to the Canary Islands

Just, international leader in the creation of cosmetic products based on the properties of nature, has opened its first logistics center in the Canary Islands, specifically in the Port of Santa Cruz, in Tenerife. With this investment, the company seeks to satisfy the demand of customers and deal with deliveries with the same haste, and even more, than in the peninsula. Thanks to this warehouse of reception and distribution of products, from now on orders will be managed directly from the Canary Islands.


The firm, of Swiss origin, has almost 90 years of experience behind it and is present in 35 countries. In Spain, Just has been commercialized for three years through Just Iberia, which in this time has been opening delegations throughout the country. In the Canary Islands, the firm is distributed by more than a hundred people, and, for the moment, it is present in Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.


The form of commercialization of the company is through direct sales, a system that is expected in Spain to bill 1,000 million euros in 2020. This sale without intermediation of stores allows to present the products in a private and relaxed environment where the customer You can deepen the treatment and the benefits that each of them offers, try them out and get advice on their applications and how they are used.


The parent company of Just Iberia is the Just Italia Group, which encompasses the markets of Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Spain. It is a very strong Group that according to the latest figures released in 2018 have become the second market in the country in home sales in all sectors, and the fourth best selling cosmetic product in Italy, billing more than 158 million euros in that year.


Since Just's products are not sold in stores or through the internet, the main responsible for direct sales in Just are the consultants, who are responsible for looking for customers and managing the demonstration and sale of the product through the Wellness meetings. A party at home in which a direct and personal relationship is established between the consultant and the clients. This system has led the company to uninterrupted success and growth for 85 years.


To become a consultant, no initial investment is necessary since to start the activity you receive a supply of products that are later discounted from the provisions on sales. The benefits are proportional to the time dedicated to the activity and the sales results achieved, and each consultant decides with total autonomy the time and dedication that he wants to dedicate to his professional career. Currently, in Just Iberia there are about 600 consultants distributed throughout Spain, a hundred in the Canary Islands, the vast majority of them women. In the world they are more than 60,000, and about 25,000 only in Italy.


After almost nine decades of expansion, Just has left behind its family business character to become a company with a marked international vocation. The laboratories are still in Switzerland, in the birthplace of its creator Ulrich Jüstrich, in Walzenhausen, and it is there where the product is studied, formulated and manufactured. The composition of its products is based on very solid principles, such as a high presence of vegetable, mineral and marine ingredients, the rigorous selection of the best essential oils and exclusive formulations that offer the maximum benefit for the body, from the head to the feet. All the components undergo regular checks and quality and tolerability checks that make them suitable even for the most sensitive skins.


The product Just is known for its effectiveness, recognized and appreciated by millions of consumers around the world because its action is perceived quickly and intensely.


Current science allows applying very sophisticated extraction technologies to take full advantage of the qualities of plants and combine them with the most appropriate ingredients so that their association enhances the effect of each of the components. All these elements make the products of Just are the perfect combination between nature and science, maintaining even today some of the original formulas in oils, creams and brand lotions of the brand, which have remained unchanged for decades demonstrating, in this way , its effectiveness and quality.


All the products that Just has in the market, close to a hundred, provide health and well-being. In the form of oils, lotions, creams or salts, these essences help us in the daily problems to live a healthier life, stimulating and revitalizing the senses of the body.