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Grupo Comit, leader in Italian food distribution in the Canary Islands

Grupo Comit, leader in Italian food distribution in the Canary Islands

Italian cuisine is known all over the world, but for it to reach the palate of the Canary Islands, a company such as Grupo Comit -Comercial Italiana de Alimentación-, leader in the distribution of foodstuffs from the transalpine country in the Islands, is needed.


Born in 1993 in Tenerife, it is now the reference company in the Archipelago for restaurants, bars, supermarkets and hotels when purchasing Italian food products: wines, cheeses, sausages and dry, fresh and frozen pasta.


Since 2016, part of Comit belongs to IF&B, one of the largest groups in the world in production and distribution of Italian food.


Its development in the Canary Islands has allowed it to set up a mozzarella factory - a type of cheese originating in Italian cuisine - in Tenerife and another fresh pasta factory in Gran Canaria, called Hostería Buttarelli.


Currently, its efforts are focused on the exclusive distribution in the Islands of Pasta Rana -a well-known fresh pasta-, in the hotel and restaurant sector, as well as the high range of one of the most important wineries in Tuscany, Marchesi Antinori, whose wines are catalogued among the most prized in Italy.


For the second year, the Comit Group gives its name to the pizza championship that is held in the Canary Islands-GastroCanary Gastronomy Show.


The twelve finalists have to demonstrate their skill in the elaboration of pizzas and the three first classified will have as prizes vouchers of products of the Group Comit for value of 300, 200 and 100 euros.