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Atos finalizes the installation in the Islands of the Google Cloud Competence Center

Atos finalizes the installation in the Islands of the Google Cloud Competence Center

The multinational Atos Consulting finalizes an agreement with Google for the installation in the Islands of the competence center of Google Cloud. Both companies have a global agreement that serves as a framework for this new alliance, which would place the Archipelago at the heart of the technological universe.


This new association of Atos, which has been present in the Islands for 20 years, and the American technological giant will mean the creation of a training division. It will instruct engineers and Vocational Training (VET) students who have already completed their studies in the use and resolution of problems that may arise around the use of the tools that Google has included in the ecosystem that it has generated in the cloud. In addition, from the Canary Islands, technological support will be given to the wide portfolio of clients that make use of Google Cloud.


The director of Atos Consulting in the Canary Islands, José Manuel Rodríguez, confirmed yesterday the advanced state of the negotiations. He declined, however, to offer more details as the location of the new center has not even been decided. There are plans to extend some of the ones that Atos already has in operation in Tenerife, one in the capital of the island and another in Granadilla de Abona, and the Institución Ferial (Infecar) of the capital of Gran Canaria.


However, Fuerteventura has sneaked into the candidates, which would host the materialization of this agreement between Atos and Google in its technology park. The possibility is even contemplated that the Google Cloud competence centre will be cut up and end up residing on up to the three islands mentioned.


Maximum discretion


Depending on what is decided, the investment will vary. "We prefer for the moment to maintain discretion," Rodriguez said yesterday. What is certain is that the initiative will generate employment, in an amount that is also at this point an unknown but that sources consulted place around a hundred jobs.


"We can not be but broadly satisfied," said yesterday the Minister of Economy, Industry, Trade and Knowledge of the Government of the Canary Islands, Pedro Ortega, after hearing the news. In his opinion, it is another positive result that throws the operational strategy of internationalization with which his department has worked for two years.


Among other issues, this document had to promote the arrival of foreign capital to the Islands. In this case, Ortega alluded to the "tractor" effect of the landing of "big brands". This opinion applied to this specific case would mean that other companies of great relevance will come after verifying that a giant like Google is doing well.


Also the director of Atos Consulting in the Canary Islands referred to the incentive that the presence of large multinationals for those who are still pending a decision. He added that the presence of multinationals shows talented young people that they will be able to tackle any project from the Archipelago regardless of its size.


"This generates an ecosystem that feeds back. Professionals stay and can give shape to their ideas, at first, in the form of startup, but some of them will become big," said José Manuel Rodríguez. One of the main ingredients to allow this technological work from the Islands is the existence of good connectivity. This is also one of the needs to be covered for the alliance between Atos Consulting and Google to crystallize. "We have that connectivity," said the director of the first of these companies, "we are even better than others.


In this regard, Rodriguez explained that precisely because they are islands, the precautions taken are larger. "Someone who is on the mainland thinks he is already connected and has a cable that, if broken, will leave him isolated. However, here we have many cables and, because of our location, we have been able to take advantage of all those that go from the United Kingdom to South Africa," said the director of Atos Consulting in the Canary Islands. However, he assured that what is fundamental are the people and his experience has shown him that both in universities and in vocational training there are plenty of young people "with attitude and aptitude".