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Binter will promote the

Binter will promote the "Canary Islands, European business hub in Africa" brand during its flights to the Continent.

The Canarian airline is the first company to join the co-branding campaign, launched by the Canary Islands Government, featuring the claim "Together, we ´ll go far". The Canary Islands Department of Economy, Industry, Trade and Knowledge is promoting a co-branding initiative, featuring the claim "together we ´ll  go far". Its aim is to promote the Canary Islands brand, "European business hub in Africa", among Canarian companies that are developing strategies to break into the African market.


Binter has been the first brand to join this initiative and its first step has been to emboss the Canary Islands Hub logo on all the aircraft that connect the Canary Islands with the different African destinations. The campaign´s launch was held at the Gran Canaria airport and was chaired by Fernando Clavijo, president of the Canary Islands Government; Pedro Ortega, Minister of Economy, Industry, Commerce and Knowledge and Binter´s president, Pedro Agustin del Castillo.


This initiative is part of the Canary Islands Government´s communication and brand promotion strategy. This strategy is aimed at positioning the Canary Islands as a logistics and business platform, from which to operate in the African market .


The act highlighted the main initiatives taken in recent months under the umbrella brand Canary Islands Hub, some of which were significant for the islands´  economy. Some tangible examples of these achievements are the joint ventures between Rolls Royce and Astican, and Zamakona Yards and Otech, as well as the arrival of multinationals such as Ensco or APR Energy. All of these accomplishments have been sensational for the Canarian ports.


The brand "Canary Islands, European business hub in Africa" is working hard to showcase its advantages to the Canadian and United States mining sector with interests in the African continent. It is also focusing on strategic sectors such as the IT and the renewable energies, two industries that will be critical for Africa's growth in the coming years.


The African continent has the largest global reserves of bauxite, cobalt, diamonds or magnesium and other minerals, making the Canary Islands an ideal location. The Islands offer mining corporations an excellent platform, providing the necessary legal guarantees, as well as the legal European framework, to set up their headquarters from which they can easily access the African continent.


It is important also to note that 5 of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world are African, which is attracting companies and investors wanting to help the continent grow and who demand a strategic location from which to operate efficiently.


As well as their privileged location, the Canary Islands offer many advantages that make it a decisive and attractive hub: excellent sea and air connections, legal certainty upheld by the European legal framework, superb infrastructure and services, skilled labor in a variety of sectors, the most advantageous tax system of the European Union and above all, solid institutional relationships between the Islands and the different African countries.


Binter has played a central role in the strengthening the relationship between the Canaries and Africa by promoting and securing excellent connections. Today Binter Canarias flies to 9 African destinations, as well as leading air connectivity in Cape Verde.


Any business or company developing internationalization strategies for the African market and wishing to join the co-branding initiative may do so by filling in the contact form in