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Rolls-Royce Marine and Wärtsilä are operating in the Canary Islands, the one-stop-shop for the maritime offshore industry in the Mid Atlantic

Rolls-Royce Marine and Wärtsilä are operating in the Canary Islands, the one-stop-shop for the maritime offshore industry in the Mid Atlantic

Rolls-Royce Marine is one of the largest and most important manufacturers and distributors of marine propellers and thrusters in the world, with 70% of the global market share. Attracted by the Canary Islands' tax benefits, the strategic location of its ports and the capacity of its ship repair companies to meet the needs of the hydrocarbon industry in Africa, Rolls Royce signed an agreement with Astican, a leading Canarian shipyard firm.


This new, custom built, 2100m2 service facility will support rig and drillship owners undertaking exploration, production and development operations in Europe, Africa and the Americas.  It will allow all of Rolls Royce´s ample range of products to be repaired on site. Customers will also benefit from Astican's extensive ship repair and conversion facilities.


"Las Palmas is an important location for the offshore industry and this new business project will allow us to provide unsurpassed technical and maintenance services" said Knut Hovland, Rolls-Royce Senior Vice President for Europe and Africa.


This is the fourth international maintenance center for Rolls-Royce, having invested approximately 20 million EUR in its construction, and that is able to work on up to six thrusters at a time.


In addition, Wärtsilä, a Finnish service provider for maritime offshore businesses, is also opening an office in the Canary Islands in a partnership with Zamakona Yards, a leading Spanish company, to serve oil rigs working off the West African coast.


The Canary Islands are quickly becoming crucial for ship repair and overseas industries because of its strategic location between three continents (Africa, Europe and America), its excellent weather and its tax regime, which is the most competitive in Europe. The Canary Islands port infrastructure offers capacity, efficiency and speed for both dry dock and floating repairs and they are equipped to handle all type of vessels, from supertankers, drilling ships and jack-up platforms to yachts.


There are over one hundred specialized and professional port operators and businesses, all carrying the relevant European quality certifications, providing comprehensive ship repair services. Over 1.500 highly qualified professionals carry out maintenance, marine outfitting, and conversion jobs as well as equip vessels at a steadily increasing rate. 


Furthermore, all major classification societies and surveyors are present in the port along with an extensive range of highly qualified ship repair workshops. The facilities offer 18 categories of services and related activities, including ship and oil rig repair, sheet metal works, supplies, subsea inspections and operations, supply of marine fuel and lubricants, transport and logistics, quality control inspections, water analysis, water and waste treatment, and ship agents’ services.